The Good, The Bad And The Ugly No.1

Bottoms Up!

Maren Tarro
2 min read
Don’t be like this wino.
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The best part of summer in New Mexico is the wine festivals on either end of the season. Nothing ushers in triple-digit temps like triple-digit gulps of nearly free wine.

The good thing about our wine festivals is that you get the chance to try all the local vines side by side. Having winery staff on hand to answer even the dumbest questions (“If I drink it through a straw will I get drunk faster?”) is also a plus.

The bad thing about our wine festivals is that after about 15 samples each of Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Port, you tend to forget which ones you liked and even which ones you tried. Throw in being elbowed out of line by a twenty-something sorority chic with a knock-off Louis Vuitton logo bag screaming “I wanna try the pink one again!” and it quickly gets worse.

Ugly shows up about the time you find yourself sweating Chardonnay from every pore, suffering from a third-degree sunburn and hanging off the wine slushy sample girl mumbling, “Screw those stuck-up Viogniers; frozen vanilla wine is the next big thing.” You can avoid the ugly stage by drinking lots of water and remembering to eat. Plan ahead to hit the booths you are most interested in first then you can go ahead and drink everything in sight.
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