The Good, The Bad And The Ugly No. 4

Having A Ball In Missourah

Maren Tarro
1 min read
Talkin’ about testicles
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This is the last time I will mention my recent Midwest escapade. I was going through pics of my trip and came across this beauty. I really can’t find anything good about a testicle festival except that thanks to the efforts of the Olean Jaycees (the city’s junior chamber of commerce) there were billboards everywhere that said testicle festival. The bad thing about the testicle festival is that it is a food festival. Enough said? Not quite. As you can see in the photo, not only is the 14th consecutive testicle festival, but they had to designate it as the mid-Missouri testicle festival. Please don’t confuse it with other testicle festivals such as the Rock Creek Lodge testicle festival in Montana or the Turkey Testicle Festival in Illinois, just to name a few. And on the menu? Rocky Mountain oysters, cowboy caviar and tendergroin, of course. Can it get any uglier than that?
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