The Gop And Whitey

Simon McCormack
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The GOP and Whitey
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Karl Rove tried to get Republicans to adopt an immigration stance that might attract more Hispanics. The GOP rank-and-file told him to shove it.

Now it appears the only people still interested in the Republicans’ message is good ol’
white people.

You can see it in the approval ratings of President Obama. Low and middle income whites’ satisfaction with Obama has dropped significantly since the beginning of the year. The president’s popularity amongst Hispanics and Blacks remains high.

Similarly, Americans’ support of Obama’s health care overhaul is much stronger amongst African Americans and Hispanics, than amongst non-affluent whites.

That spells trouble for Republicans in a nation where the
fastest growing census category is multiracial. Without a broader, big-tent appeal, the GOP stands to continually lose ground in national elections.
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