The Greatest Sport Ever Invented By Man

Simon McCormack
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The Greatest Sport Ever Invented by Man
These fellows are trying entirely too hard.
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Yesterday, I was given a copy of the latest (and possibly only) book about ultimate frisbee "Ultimate: The Greatest Sport Ever Invented by Man ." It’s a tongue-in-cheek guide to the sport/thing to do after you’ve smoked all of your drugs. This saucy volume has many illustrations and takes about 15 to 20 minutes to read, so if you’d like to know what every pot smoking college student, and a large percentage of non-pot smoking college students are doing with their time, this book might be for you.

Here are a couple notable quotables:

-From the "Traveling With Your Coed Team" section:

"There is no end to the hijinks of traveling with a mixed male-and-female team. There will be two known couples on the team, one or two secret liaisons, a threesome in the works and an unlimited range of possibilities for mysterious hookups, inappropriate sexual commentary, manwhoriness and drunken fooligans."

-Under the "Breakfast Options" section:

"When considering food options at an Ultimate tournament, consider where you are on the IHOP-Waffle House line. Naturally, tournaments in the southern United States will mean breakfast with the Waffle House, whereas those in the north are IHOP territory. If necessary, Denny’s will work. Masters teams are wise enough to seek out a Bob Evans."
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