The Haunted Doll Has Been Sold.

Nick Brown
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The Haunted Doll Has Been Sold.
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You missed out, fuckers. The haunted doll on ebay went for only $22.49 US. This is not the first time I’ve cautioned against the perils of haunted toys, nor is it the first time I’ve used this scary doll picture from Night Gallery in a blog.

Here is the story of Jenna, the haunted doll, as told by her former owner:

Please do not buy any of the dolls I am listing to give to a child…they are not toys! If you easily frightened or are not prepared to handle any experiences you may have as a result of bringing these dolls into your home, then you should not bid!!

My grandmother always collected dolls, and as a child I never knew why I wasn’t allowed playing with her "special" dolls, until they were giving to me after her passing tHREE years ago. She called them special each one having their own names and places they were kept. Each of these dolls I will place on auction not because I don’t want them any longer, it is because they deserve someone who will give them the attention and care I cannot give them. Since I have been selling my grandmother’s dolls, I have learned alot about hauntings and spirits, so I have started doing EVP’s (voice recordings that you cannot hear with the naked ear) on my Grandmother’s dolls. I have also recorded them with my night vision video camera. The shots and recordings I have gotten were amazing! I never knew that these dolls were as active as they were. On many of the recordings I have heard them talking among each other, laughing, crying, yelling, some where easy to make out, some were very hard, and some I couldnt make out at all. This is one of the MANY dolls given to me by my Grandmother,her name is JENNA. JENNA IS THE LOVING POSITIVE SPIRIT OF A 9 YEAR OLD LITTLE GIRL. LITTLE JENNA HAD A ROUGH SHORT LIFE. HER FATHER RAPED, AND BEAT HER ON A DAILY BASIS. AS A VICTIM OF HER FATHERS TORTURE SHE HAD NO ONE TO TALK TO ABOUT IT. SHE WAS ALL ALONE, HER MOTHER PASSED AWAY DURING HER BIRTH, AND LEFT JENNA WITH HER FATHER A MONSTER. IF JENNA DIDNT DO SOMETHING TO HER FATHERS LIKING LIKE CLEAN HER BEDROOM, SHE KNEW WHAT AWAITED, SHE WOULD BE THRASHED SEVERLY THEN HANDCUFFED IN HER BEDROOM CLOSET WITH NO RESTROOM PRIVALAGES, NO FOOD, NOTHING. THE ABUSE BEGAN WHILE JENNA WAS ONLY 2 AND CONTINUED UNTIL THE DAY SHE PASSED. JENNA WAS COURAGEOUS AND WAS AFFRAID TO ESCAPE, HER FATHER WOULD TELL HER THAT SHE WOULD NOT BE BELIEVED AND THAT THEY WOULD ONLY TAKE HER AWAY TO A PLACE MORE HORRIBLE THEN WHERE SHE LIVED. JENNA BROKE DOWN, AND COULD NOT HANDLE THE ABUSE ANY LONGER. ON THE DAY AFTER HER NINTH BIRTHDAY, SHE TOOK AN OVERDOSE OF PRESCRIPTION MEDICINE HER FATHER HAD, SHE WENT TO SLEEP AND NEVER WOKE UP.~IF YOU FEEL A CONNECTION TO JENNA THEN YOU SHOULD BID, YOU COULD BE THE ONE DESTINED TO WATCH OVER HER AND KEEP HER SAFE FROM HARM!~ PHYSICAL APPEARANCE: JENNA IS A PORCELAIN DOLL, HER HEAD, ARMS AND LEGS ARE PORCELAIN, HER BODY IS CLOTHE. SHE MEASURES APPROX 16" TALL. ~ pAYMENT: I WILL ONLY ACCEPT PAYPAL NO EXCEPTIONS!! iF YOU HAVE A FEEDBACK OF LESS THAN TEN I WILL CANCEL YOUR BID, IF YOU BID AS THE ITEM IS GOING OFF I WILL OFFER A SECOND CHANCE OFFER TO THE BACK UP BIDDER OR RELIST THE ITEM!iFyou have any questions feel free to email me, and i will answer your questions as best as i can. *EMAILS OF AN INAPPROPRIATE MANOR WILL BE IGNORED OR REPORTED TO EBAY, SO DONT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MINE WRITING THEM!*These dolls and their spirit hosts do not perform on command, they are the vessel of live spirits, from someone who lived and attached their spirits with the doll for some reason or another. I do not know ALL the life history of these spirits that are attached to these dolls,(but I am slowly learning on some) I only know a name my grandmother had given each of them, and my person experience with each of them. I explain my experiences with each of the dolls’ spirits, that does not mean that you will experience the same, it matters how you connect with the doll and their spirits hosts.On some of my dolls I have my Aunt Celeste whose a medium/clarovoyant read the dolls. My dolls are not "evil", some have more attitude than others, they have their own unique personality, because they were all living, breathing individuals at one time or another. Due to the fact that paranormal item or items are involved in this sale, I am "forced" by Ebay’s rules and regulations to make the following statement: this is for entertainment purposes only; we cannot be responsible for any activity which may or may not be associated with this sale. You must be 18 years old to bid. YOU HAVE THE OPTION OF SHIPPING INSURANCE, HOWEVER I WILL NOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR LOSS OR DAMAGE THROUGH THE POST OFFICE! THANK YOU

In conclusion, I had a scary dream the other night. There was a horrible ghost named Ricky, who was a little boy. We managed to get away from him, but then at at the new house, the front door suddenly flew open and Ricky was standing there with a suitcase. I woke up screaming, “He’s here! He’s here! It’s Ricky!”
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