The Horses At Midnight

The Winners: Herrera, Lyons, Balderas, Richardson, Bingaman, Lewis, White, King

Marisa Demarco
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Wilson’s on top for the first time tonight with about a 300-vote lead.

With 94 percent of precincts reporting, we’ve still got a 50/50 split in Madrid vs. Wilson. The Congresswoman spoke earlier, and made a point of noting the remaining precincts notoriously vote Republican, which Sanderoff corroborated. She also said given the irregularities in Bernalillo County this morning, she is going to make sure every single vote gets counted.

Here are the
Alibi ’s horses as of midnight.

Congress: [D] Patricia Madrid 50—[R] Heather Wilson 50

Governor: [D] Bill Richardson (WINNER) 68—[R] John Dendhal 32

Auditor: [D] Hector Balderas 54 (WINNER)—[R] Lorenzo Garcia 46

Secretary of State: [D] Mary Herrera 53 (WINNER)—[R] Victoria Perea 47

Land Commissioner: (R) Pat Lyons 53 (WINNER)—[D] Jim Baca

Attorney General: [D] Gary King 56 (WINNER)—[R] Jim Bibb 44

Treasurer: [D] James Lewis 60 (WINNER)—[D] Demesia Padilla 40

Bernalillo County Sheriff: [R] Darren White (WINNER) 63—[D] Jose Edgar Chavez 37
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