The Ides Of March

Cynical Political Drama Digs The Dirt On Our Electoral System

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The Ides of March
“Yup. I slept with her too.”
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We live, arguably, in the most contentious of political times. … Granted, things were probably pretty argumentative up on Capitol Hill during the Civil War—but America didn’t have 24-hour cable news channels, the blogosphere and talk radio back in the 1860s, so the volume was considerably lower. Today, it’s turned up to 11, with Republicans and Democrats seemingly unable to agree on whether puppies and kitties are cute. (And subsequently, having every pundit in the nation turning “puppygate” into the next major scandal.) By all indications, the American public is getting pretty tired of it. As a result, right now doesn’t seem like the most advantageous time to release a film as heavily political as The Ides of March . Read Alibi ’s review right here.
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