The “Jew-Bu” Wedding

A Hippie Dippy Affair With Love In The Air

Simon McCormack
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mmmmm... love!
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This Saturday, I was lucky enough to attend one of the most unique wedding ceremonies I’ve ever been a part of.

Two family friends were wed at the Nahalat Shalom Synagog in the North Valley, but before the ceremonies were underway, the Jewish rabbi who performed the ceremonies (and the mostly Jewish attendees) were treated to a series of martial arts demonstrations and other traditional Chinese performances including a lion dance.

The event’s seamless integration of Judaism and Buddhism was exemplified by the Chuppah (a traditional Jewish wedding canopy) made from Buddhist prayer flags which was held by members of both faiths.

The wedding invitations had asked guests to dress in "hippie-formal" attire and the interpretations of said requirement ranged from a suit and tie to a heavily ornamented Kung Fu gi.

For all of the unfamiliar sights surrounding the event, the bride and groom’s sentiments toward one another were the same as those expressed at weddings between people in love everywhere. Considering their ability to mold their two personalities into what was a very successful amalgamative event, it seems the couple are well on their way to leading a dualistic but ultimately connected life with one another.
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