The Latest In Burqa Beachwear

Marisa Demarco
1 min read
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You recall, of course, Nick Brown’s post on Amish swimwear.

Fashion designers of the Muslim world are faced with the dual problem of being innovative within the norms of their culture while simultaneously combating the stereotypes of the rest of the world looking in. (Wow. That’s a long, dull collegiate sentence about a pretty interesting topic. Sorry.)

Check the cover of this new fashion magazine for Muslim women, MSLM. Order it here.

But what do Muslim women wear to the beach? The Burqini, of course.

Any culture that prizes modesty would have a rough shopping experience in modern America. That’s why when you google “modest clothing” all kinds of specialty sites come up, most of them religious using some kind of Lucinda-based font. Somehow, modesty can also translate to “denim madness.”

Though it’s not on your TV, for good or ill, there’s still plenty of people left in our society concerned with covering up women’s bodies.

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