The Lemonheads Quiz (With Answers)

It Doesn't Really Taste That Much Like Lemons

Jessica Cassyle Carr
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In preparation for their show on Tuesday, March 11th (8 p.m.) at Ned’s Downtown, take this Lemonheads quiz, and test how much you know about the band.

1. What was The Lemonheads’ original moniker?

a. The Welts; b. The Whelps; c. The Wheals; d. The Wets

2. The Lemonheads are from where?

a. New York; b. Seattle; c. Los Angeles; d. Boston

3. Which of these annoying actresses played a role in 1993’s video for "Big Gay Heart"?

a. Claire Danes; b. Winona Ryder; c. Chloë Sevigny; d. Mila Jovovich

4. Other than "starting to happen to me," what is Alison doing?

a. cooking from a recipe, making out;

b. growing a mohawk, getting her tit pierced;

c. walking down the street, getting underneath my feet;

d. heroin, probably

5. The Lemonheads influence is most associated with which two predecessors?

a. Hüsker Dü and The Replacements;

b. Big Star and The Ramones;

c. R.E.M. and Buzzcocks;

d. XTC and The Descendents

6. How many songs are known to have been written about Evan Dando?

a. 1; b. 2; c. 3; d. 4 

7. How delicious are candy Lemonheads (and friends)?

a. very; b. moderately; c. slightly; d. hardly

8. Why the hell are The Lemonheads playing at Ned’s Downtown?

a. because the Golden West Saloon burned down;

b. because the Launchpad was already booked;

c. because the Sunshine was already booked;

d. because Ned and Evan are old friends

Answers after the jump!

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The answers

1. Answer: b. The Whelps

2. Answer: d. Boston

3. Answer: c.
Chloë Sevigny

4. Answer: b.
growing a mohawk, getting her tit pierced

5. Answer: a.
Hüsker Dü and The Replacements

6. Answer: c.

7. Answer: c.
slightly or d. hardly

8. Answer: b. Joe Anderson says Thrift Store Cowboys were already scheduled to play at the Launchpad, but now the show is cancelled due to the fire at the Golden West Saloon. Hooray for Ned’s.

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