The Lost Bodies Of Dick Knipfing

Misplaced Entries In 2007’S “Draw The Body On The Dick Knipfing” Contest Surface In The Editor’s Office

Jessica Cassyle Carr
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The Lost Bodies of Dick Knipfing
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When our computer systems failed two weeks ago, many Alibi staffers were left looking around their messy offices for something to do. Christie decided to clean hers, and among piles of dated newsletters and mayonnaise packets, she unearthed three old entries to our Dick Knipfing Challenge. Our apologies to the unaccounted for entrants; hopefully the posting of your artwork here will do something to rectify our former negligence. Our apologies to Dick Knipfing as well…vive le Knipfing!
The Lost Bodies of Dick Knipfing

The Lost Bodies of Dick Knipfing

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