The Mad Libs Of A Second Grader

Laura Marrich
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The Mad Libs of a Second Grader
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I found a partially used Mad Libs book next to the Alibi’s recycling bin in the back of the building. It’s from a certain Elementary Schooler I know, who is very smart and pretty and totally cool . I have to share several million with you.


If you go to some
Lummpy place like Yellowstone National Dipers , you must know how to deal with the wild animals such as bears and wolves and trucks . The most important of these is the bear. There are three kinds of bears, the grizzly bear, the soft bear, and the ugly bear.

Bears spend most of their time
swimming or jummping swimming . They look very short , but if you make them messy , they might bight your road .

Bears will come up to your car and beg for
Nootle’s . They will stand on their hind legs and clasp their teeth together and pretend to be fasst . But do not get out of your firebird or offer the bears gummyworms or chocolate’s . This same advice applies to other wild creatures such as dogs and plant’s .

Remember these rules and you will spend your vacation
stupidly and not get eaten by a/an pants .

Letter to a Friend Back Home

MoM ,

Well, here we are at the
soft Seaside Hotel in Weston . The weather is Lummpy and the temperature is 13 degrees. Our hotel room looks out onto a garden gilled with pasta trees and tropical We .

The natives are all
ugly and spend their time piching and riding their him through the streets. Most of them only speak Italy , but I can communicate with them by making signs with my leg . The local food is really messy . Mostly they eat short burritos and refried Apples .

Our hotel only costs a hundred
googles a day. We are going to spend the week Runing and then come home. Wish you were here.

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