The Mayor’s Excellent Jacket

Claire Von BonBon
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The MayorÕs Excellent Jacket
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In the style of the good ladies at Go Fug Yourself.

Mayor Martin Chavez : Nothing says mayoral grandeur like a whole lot of embroidery.

Toni Martorelli : What’s that over there? It looks like it would smell funny.

Chavez : I look friendly, right? Do I loom? I feel like I loom.

Martorelli : You’re not looming, boss! Nor are you looking all squinty-eyed. Nossir.

Chavez: But I don’t look short, do I?

Martorelli : (gasp) Never! Do you think my turquoise necklace, under my classy yet subtle wrap, will show up on film?

Chavez : It’s too bad your name is nearly unreadable on this cover text.

Martorelli : It’s too bad you didn’t think to pair your matador jacket or whatever with something more appropriate than a button-up and tie, as though you’re CEO of Matadors, Inc.

Chavez : What? I can’t hear you from up here.


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