The Most Sublime Spectacle On Earth

Tim McGivern
1 min read
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At the end of May, the water dragon was vanquished. I'm talking about six days on the Colorado River through the guts of the Grand Canyon with a couple dozen tourists and another seven or eight journalists all owed to the fine folks at Wilderness River Adventures in Page, AZ. That's one of the perks of the job here at the Alibi. Every now and then you get invited on some media junket that makes for a fine destination story and an even finer reason to drink all of your newfound friend's top shelf booze out of a Nalgene container. One of those generous journalists was Laura Bly, from USA Today. I recall her telling me to “help yourself” to her vodka stash, and the rest was history. Ms. Bly's story appears today on the cover of the Life section, and if you click on her photo essay, [link] you'll see your's truly reclining on a sandbar in photo 2. If you get a hardcopy—at the risk of choking on my own immodesty—that same spread of your's truly appears on D-2.

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