The Number Crunch

Tracking The Emergenza Festival In Albuquerque

Amy Dalness
2 min read
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After making phone calls, reading post after post on the web and asking a few prodding questions from the higher ups of the Emergenza Festival (see this week’s Show Up in the music section [link]) I found one thing very interesting: The number crunch. Following the lead of Emergenza’s website [link], let’s see how the festival may fare in Albuquerque.

• Sixty-nine bands will participate in the Emergenza festival in Albuquerque.

• About $2,760 in gig ware from Emergenza sponsors will be given to participating bands.

• $4,830 in enrollment fees was collected.

• Eight eliminatory rounds will take place, four semi-finals rounds and one final round, totaling 13 concerts between now and June.

• Thirteen Emergenza shows are held around the world tonight in addtion to the Albuquerque show.

• If all 10,400 tickets to the 13 shows are sold for $10 a piece, about $83,200 would go to Emergenza and $20,800 would go to the bands.

• If the Launchpad fills to capacity every night (about 250 rockers), the total Emergenza audience in Albuquerque would be 3,250.

• If an average of 20 tickets per band is sold, the audience each night would be about 160 (not including those who buy tickets at the door), and Emergenza would make $20,800 in ticket sales.

• Of the 69 bands, 32 will move on to the semi-finals, eight will move on to the finals and one will get their travel expenses paid to participate in the regional semifinal in Pheniox to compete against one band from Denver and 12 bands from Pheniox.

• Albuquerque is one of 45 cities in the United States to participate in the Emergenza festival in 2006.

• Four bands from the United States (one from each region) will travel with one band from Canada to represent North America at the International Finals in Germany.

The Emergenza festival kicks off tonight at the Launchpad [link] at 8 pm. If you play in the festival or go to a show, please e-mail me ( and let me know how you feel about it. Ticket sales, audience vote, good, bad, witty, whatever: let me know!

We’re watching these Emergenza people–we want to know how this thing is run in practice, not just on paper.

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