The Rapid Ride Is Sooooo Rapid

Jessica Cassyle Carr
2 min read
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I love the new giant accordion bus also known as the Rapid Ride. So far I've exposed four of my lady friends to it, and I think they liked it, too. For the first time during my six years in Albuquerque, I don't feel oppressed by the need to own a car because I can get to all the basic places I need to go by bus. Of course, that's because I live near a stop on Central. If you don't, you're screwed. However, I think the Rapid Ride is a milestone in Albuquerque public transportation if only because right now on Saturday and Sunday nights it runs until 3 a.m., which means my intoxicated friends aren't driving my intoxicated ass home. I've always thought the solution to New Mexico's drunk driving problem, at least within the city, is good, late-night public transportation. And while the Rapid Ride can't be all that good because it is so limited, it's something I always thought I'd hope for in Albuquerque but never receive. The city is only planning to run the busses until 3 a.m. through the summer, after that it's only running until 8 p.m. I haven't really thought about what to do about this sad situation, besides telling everyone to ride the bus at night. It's only $1. You can get a transfer, which means it's $1 for both ways. It runs every 20 minutes after dark, and there's a security guard on each bus. (This is key because I was always afraid of the people who use Albuquerque public transportation. People like me!) Try Rapid Ride, and perhaps you'll feel the same sense of self-satisfaction I did on my maiden voyage.¸J
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