The Real Walker?

Amy Dalness
2 min read
No one will ever fill these boot like the Ranger.
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Our general mistrust and apprehension for all things MySpace is apparent — but it’s force is undeniable. In the business of reporting on and reviewing music, I often turn to the Internet giant for a listen of various bands with no other promotional equipment than an e-mail account and a MySpace page. There’s no denying that MySpace has changed the music industry and if you want to get noticed, a MySpace page is the first and easiest step. Everybody’s doing it … even celebrities.

OK, I don’t know if celebs are really taking part in one the biggest Internet revolutions since the launch of the World Wide Web itself, but I found a few pages that raise my eyebrows. While searching for background information on Chuck Norris (more to come on “The Six Degree of Chuck Norris”), I found his MySpace page. Now, I have no idea if this is really the man’s website, but he boasts such hot friends as the infamous Tommy Lee (”Tommy Lee Goes To College”? Barf), supermodel Tyra Banks and Jane’s Addiction rocker Dave Navarro. I realize that a number of bands that have already made it to the “big time” have MySpace pages, and it’s possible that peeps like Tyra really do want to promote their show through the online network, but it does make you wonder: Who’s really who they say they are? We’ve all heard the chatter, the fear, the headlines about online predators using MySpace to solicit underagers for inappropriate acts — what’s keeping fans from posing as their favorite celeb? If a 40-year-old man with no teeth can pretend to be a busty 16-year-old school girl, there’s really nothing stoppin’ Tyra’s number one fan from posting her picture on MySpace and pretending to be the Victoria’s Secret queen — well, unless she has a good lawyer watching out for her best asset, her face. Is Chuck really round house kicking people off his top-eight friends list, or is someone trying to wear Walker, Texas Ranger’s boots? The world may never know.

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