The System Worked!

Tim McGivern
1 min read
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After voting early at Civic Plaza a few weeks ago, I decided to try my luck again at the polls today, solely for journalistic purposes. So I went to my precinct in the Southeast Heights and bellyed-up to the banquet table and smiled at the charming old lady with arthritic hands and gave her my name. She scrolled to the M's and then the Mc's and was ready to pass me the book to sign my name, only for a split second, and then she said, “Uh no. Looks like you voted early.”

“Yes Mam, I did,” I said and explained that I only wanted to double-check and make certain that my early vote had showed up in the system. “Thank you,” I said and could not help but notice the menacing look on a woman's face sitting next to the kindly old lady. Without saying a word, her expression pretty much said: “Pendejo!”

But by golly, the system worked!

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