The Third D

Amy Dalness
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The Third D
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With less than half-an-hour before the polls close, the race for New Mexico’s 3 rd Congressional District was still being run.

From the campaign trail in Rio Rancho, Republican Dan East says he’s feeling cautiously optimistic about tonight’s outcome, despite being behind in the polls yesterday. Tomorrow, he’s ready to go back to work—whatever happens tonight—but not until after he’s gotten some sleep. "There are some great people out there in this district," he says. "I’m ready for the campaign to end and the work to start."

In Santa Fe, Democrat and New Mexico Public Regulation Commissioner Ben Lujan arrives at his campaign headquarters bright eyed from a long day of campaigning. Lujan says an Obama presidency is extremely important to the nation and our state given the magnitude of issues facing the new administration.

Lujan says, while knocking on a wooden table, if everything goes his way tonight, he will use his experience on the Public Regulation Commission to improve health care, education and increase renewable energy incentives. Like East, the people he’s met and the stories he’s heard have been the most influential part of his campaign experience. It’s those personal encounters that will continue to motivate him, if he’s selected to represent New Mexico’s 3rd District, he says.

Independent Candidate Carol Miller did not return multiple phone messages requesting an interview.
The Third D

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