The Times They Aren'T A-Changing

What Did You (Really) Expect, Anyway

Christopher Johnson
2 min read
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I woke up this morning to my usual KUNM broadcast of Morning Edition to find that Bush replaced his former chief of staff, Andrew Card. Apparently Bush is bowing to pressures from the Republican Party; his approval ratings are terrible, and, quite reasonably, his fellow party members now want Bush to make some changes or they might have to finally and fully distance themselves from boy wonder. Bush replaced Card with one of his current underlings, Joshua Bolten, who was Bush's budget director.

The New York Times headline <;oref=slogin> makes it seem like all this is big news. But really it's just more of the same old. Put one goof in there to replace another goof and keep the whole thing rolling. The call for new ideas and fresh blood by party leaders in what the Times refers to as Bush's “troubled second term” is certainly not going to be solved by moving current pieces around the board. But the fact that Bush supporters (finally) after all this time expect more out of their leader is itself the real news. And I have to say, if you really think your president is going to inject his term with new blood and fresh ideas, you'd better cling to that hope, because that's all you're going to ever get.

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