The War In Iraq

Facts, Finally, For Flaccid Media

Christopher Johnson
2 min read
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Today National Public Radio—a first for a member of the mainstream media—finally acknowledged that three assumptions used to justify the war in Iraq are false. One, Iraq did not have weapons of mass destruction (the UN inspectors knew this and repeatedly confirmed this). Two, Iraq had no link with al-Qaeda (Saddam didn't get along with the terrorists and had no reason to risk his sweet gig as dictator for a group he considered a bunch of crazy terrorists). And, three, Iraq was not seeking yellowcake uranium (the document was a lame forgery) and the aluminum tubes Saddam ordered had no practical value as components for constructing weapons of mass of destruction (confirmed again by experts).

Besides the high-level members of the current administration, the American media was more complicit than anyone in promoting these false assumptions. They did little or nothing to expose the lies used to go to war until fully three years later. And they were cowed into line to parrot those lies, fearful for whatever reasons to actually stand up for what they believed and/or suspected to be right and truthful.

For my own part, I like to watch documentary films. I rented Uncovered: The War on Iraq (2004). This documentary was rife with high-level intelligence officers, some with 20 and even 30 years of experience, who refuted point by point each one of the fallacies used by the U.S. government to justify going to war.

Go ahead and rent this film and treat yourself to your own special anniversary celebration:

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