The War On Christmas

Amy Dalness
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Boycott Wal-mart. Not because of its low wages, its destruction of local business, or as a general statement against consumerism. Boycott for it's ban of Christmas. The Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights has launched a national boycott of Wal-mart claiming the retailer has, in effect, “banned” Christmas. Why,you might ask? Because when you type “Christmas” into their website search, you are redirected to a Holiday site; which is, apparently, not true if you type other holidays such as Kwanzaa. Wal-mart reps say that they serve a wide consumer base and are in no way banning Christmas.

This also coincides with Bill O'Riley's campaign to stop the War of Christmas, calling for the re-inclusion of Merry Christmas into the consumer areas of our lives and the removal of Happy Holidays.

Religious beliefs aside, isn't this supposed to be a season of friends, family, giving, charity and peace? Even President Bush sent out a “Happy Holidays” card this season because it was sent to people of many faiths. If someone sends me a Merry Christmas card or tells me “Merry Christmas” as I’m walking down the street, I'll say “Thanks! Happy Holidays,” with a smile. No anger, no feelings of my religious rights being infringed, just acceptance of the well wishing and good intent of the message and move on with my life. On O'Riley's site, he lists “major department stores across the country and where they stand on using Christmas.” Most of the stores have no official stance and employees are free to use whatever greeting is appropriate, and that seems most right to me. Let each person decide for themselves what they want to celebrate. No corporation, government or company has a right to keep us from celebrating what we want. If an individual or company chooses to say Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas or Happy Hanukkah, thats their right as much as anyone else’s.

Calm down. Christmas is not under attack; political correctness, free speach and tolerance is.

Here is an all inclusive Holiday song for us to learn in the mean time:

And if you are still mad about it, here you go:

Happy Boxing Day.

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