There's Something In My Eye!

There's Something In My Eye!

Christie Chisholm
2 min read
Makes my eyes burn just looking at it. Eww.
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It started last November. While getting ready for bed one night, some hard particle worked its way into my left eyelid and decided to park there. I waited a few days, tried to flush it with saline, looked in the mirror a hundred times trying to figure out what the hell it could be, and still … it remained. A little piece of something that scratched every time I blinked, except when I had my contacts in. It sucked.

I went to my eye doctor, she took it out, was as perplexed by it as I was, and sent me on my way. Things were good again. My eye was fine.

Then a couple months later another, strangely similar-feeling, particle got lodged in my eyelid, only it was in the right eye. Damn. I waited a few days, then got one stuck in my left eye (at least I was even) and eventually decided to go back to my eye doctor. She removed them–again, perplexed.

You might guess at this point where the story is headed. A couple more months passed, something lodged in one, then both eyes. I went to the eye doctor.

Then, a couple weeks ago, another f@$%-ing "particle" got in my eye. I went to the doctor. Three days later, there was a particle in my other eye.

I went to the eye doctor this morning–who I think, by the way, is starting to get annoyed. What the hell is going on? Why are my eyes suddenly magnets for little round, clear, hard particles (how my eye doctor describes the things she repeatedly pulls out of my eyes)?

Maybe I should just start wearing goggles.
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