“They Haven’t Built A Circuit That Could Hold You!”

Marisa Demarco
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Have you guys seen Tron? It’s an old Disney flick starring the Big Lebowski as some guy who’s trapped in a computer … something, something, something.

New York Times review from ’82 calls it "a nonstop parade of stunning computer graphics." Yes, the graphics are old-school, but the movie still looks great—kind of minimalist. It’s a good reminder that computer graphics aren’t only useful for making things realistic: realistic animals, realistic explosions, realistic hair follicles on your video game characters.

I stumbled last night upon
Tron (yet another rad thing that everyone except me apparently knows about). It’s well-known and loved and has inspired many games, including this free flash game (goal: don’t run into anything).

The soundtrack by
Wendy Carlos, a composer and synthesist, is wonderful. (Also, her webpage is wicked cool so even if you already love her, you need to click on it.)

Word is Disney’s hired screenwriters to work on a
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