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Simon McCormack
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This Week in Sports
Scott is kooking with gas
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This Kid is Too Good

Nine year old Jericho Scott pitches
too well to be allowed in the Youth Baseball League of New Haven, Connecticut. His 40 mile-per-hour pitches are too fast and intimidating for other players to handle, according to the league’s attorney. Scott has been banned from playing for Youth Baseball, and has been encouraged to find a more skilled league to participate in.

Scott’s parents say the league has punished the son unfairly. They say it discourages Scott from playing his best. The league shoots back that it’s not trying to discourage the young athlete, it’s just trying to keep other players safe. Scott hasn’t hit any batters with his scorching pitches.

On one hand, it seems ridiculous to punish someone for being too good at what they do, but going up against a 9-year-old flame thrower doesn’t sound like much fun either. Hopefully, Scott can find another league that appreciates his talents.
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