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Simon McCormack
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This Week in Sports
Aaron Rogers
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Brett Favre’s Replacement

It’s not easy to fill the shoes of a hall of fame quarterback. The Green Bay Packers’ Aaron Rogers did just that yesterday, and Packer backers have to be pleased. Rogers didn’t put up huge passing yardage (178 yards) but he lead his team to a 24-19 victory over the Minnesota Vikings in front of a sold-out Lambeau Field. Rogers completed 18-22 passes without an interception, and finished the game with an impressive 115 quarterback rating (the best possible rating is 158.3).

Favre gave his heart and soul to the Packers organization, and lead his team to a Super Bowl victory. He also holds most every major passing record in the books and has become a media darling for his candor and child-like love of the game. In his first year as a starter, Rogers has Favre’s legendary shadow hovering over him. But, at least this year, all he has to do is play smart, keep mistakes to a minimum and trust his coaches. Last week, he did exactly what he needed to.
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