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Simon McCormack
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This Week in Sports
Dodgers suck
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Lucky 7

It took the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim an entire season to claim the best record in baseball. But it took just six days for their season to come to an abrupt halt. The Chicago Cubs had the most wins of any National League team, and in three playoff games, they were sent packing. Perhaps both teams were beaten by better ball clubs, but the favorite’s demise is a common theme in baseball that should be looked into. The fact is, any major league team can beat any other in a five game series. Serious consideration needs to be given to the idea of expanding the first round of the playoffs to at least seven games. These players go out and compete in 162 games during the regular season. What’s a couple more going to hurt? If the league is worried about making the season drag on for too long, why not make the regular season 160 games? That way, the total number of possible games remains the same. It’s an American tradition to root for the underdog, and unpredictability is the lifeblood of competition. Upsets are good for the sport, but having too many makes them less special. A seven game format wouldn’t rule out upsets, but it would make the first round less about which team is hottest, and more about which one is best.
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