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Simon McCormack
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This Week in Sports
The aforementioned piece of shit
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A New York State of Mind

I had the privilege of attending two Yankee games in New York last week, and I was alarmed to see what the Bronx Bomber’s latest bout with mediocrity has done to their fans.

In the late ’90s and early 2000s, The Yankees were a baseball powerhouse, despised by the rest of the league for their high payroll and cocky swagger. Since the team’s 2004 American League Championship collapse against the Boston Red Sox, New York has been extremely disappointing, especially by the Yank’s high standards. They’ve gone from inspiring envy, to mockery, and no one is more frustrated than the team’s faithful followers.

Here’s an example of what a contended Yankee fan might sound like while enjoying an at-bat by the Yankees all-star left-fielder, Johnny Damon: "Let’s go Johnny! Send it over the fence!"

Here’s what a fan sitting next to me said during one of Damon’s plate appearances last week. "Come on Damon! Get a hit, you piece of shit!"

Notice the difference? There’s no telling when New York (currently 19-19) will grow out of their fascination with lukewarm play, but until they do, Yankee nation will be pretty pissed off.
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