Three Things You Should Know About Me

Kristen Simpson
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Three Things You Should Know About Me
This guy isn’t saving any money.
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1) I am a woman.

2) I am a registered Republican.

3) I voted for Barack Obama.

Three Reasons I Did Not Vote for John McCain:

1) To recycle a term from the last election cycle, the man is a flip-flopper. Laws and acts that he helped write, he now says he wouldn’t vote for. Of course, he has every right to change his mind. But the thing is, these were good things he did! These were the things that got him labeled a "maverick." But now that they can too closely align him with congressional liberals, he’s singing a new song. I don’t care if my president is wrong sometimes. We’re all wrong sometimes. I just want him to be man enough to stand up and stand by his words and his actions.

2) The economy is awful. You know it. I know it. My uncle is a plumber in New York. I asked how much money he made. He told me if he tells me, I can’t tell anyone. So I can’t tell you. But I can tell you that Joe the Plumber is probably dipping his plunger into something besides toilets if he’s making the kind of money that would earn him higher taxes under Obama’s plan. Under Obama’s tax plan, the only people who get taxed more are the ones making more than $250,000 a year. That’s a lot of plumbing. Lets say you make, oh, $38,000 a year. Under Obama, you’re going to pay $892 less in taxes. Under McCain, you’ll be paying $113 less. Yup. See for yourselves. It’s all over the internets. Lots of people are concerned that while McCain wants to cut estate tax, Obama wants to raise it. That’s true. On estates worth more than $3.5 million. How many $3.5 million homes do we have in New Mexico? Heck, how many $3.5 million homes do we have in America? And, assuming you have a $3.5 million home, you probably have more money that all the people who don’t. Which means that you should pay more taxes. Why, you ask? Well, my wealthy estate-owning friend, because taxes are supposed to be a percentage, not a straight cut down the line.

3) Sarah Palin.
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