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Amy Dalness
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Hello, little man.
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Saw the new Tony Jaa movie last week. He is a martial arts genius. Most reviews agree, as do I, the story line is basically the same as Jaa’s coming out film, Ong-bak, but we don’t really go to a Muay Thai flicks for complex story lines—we go for butt kicking. The best scene had to be when he met three foes (where’d they come from? I don’t know!) in a burning temple that had flooded from the sprinklers. His first opponent was a Capoeira master and wow … that is one fantastic martial art. Seeing Jaa spar with Lateef Crowder was magic on the screen. Jaa’s a bad ass, his opponents are bad asses, elephants are awesome. What a great martial arts flick.
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