Tomorrow: Gadabout Film Festival

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Jerry Cornelius
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Tomorrow: Gadabout Film Festival
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What to do tomorrow night? I’m glad you asked. This just in from Basement Films honcho Keif Henley:

Gadabout Film Festival is a nationally touring film festival that screens a program of 20+ international short films. Independent in every sense, these films share the same willingness to challenge the conventions set for filmmaking. The Gadabout is a distribution avenue for truly indie filmmakers that distrust Hollywood and the commercial film festival circuit. They are touring with a full art show featuring work from radical artists collective Just Seeds, and live rock music with Halo Fauna from NY.

WHEN: Tuesday November 25 @ 7pm or close to that.

WHERE: Winning Coffee Co. 111 Harvard SE across from the UNM campus.

HOW MUCH: Only $5 that will go towards helping the touring folks get down the road & to help Basement Films keep on keeping on with its mission!
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