Top Ten Pop Songs I’m Embarrassed To Like (Part 2)

Nick Brown
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The Metaluna Mutant Likes Soft Rock, Too
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I have a confession to make. Looking over Part 1, I realize that I don’t really like all those songs. Does that matter? Not in the least. Now that we’ve settled that business, let’s proceed.

6) Only Love – Wynonna. Wynonna is the hulking Frankenstein member of the Judd family. It makes me feel kind of sad to watch her perform the Big Momma Strut like some drunken grandma at a Christmas party while her extra-petite mom and sister look on. While I’m generally not a fan, “Only Love” is a spectacular song with surprising changes and a sweet/sad tone that undercuts the bawdy honkytonk crap we’ve come to expect from today’s country.

7) Round and Round – Ratt. Flash in the pan hairband Ratt hit gold in 1984 with this shockingly catchy anthem. The video featured old-timey comedian Milton Berle along with a pretty girl who turned into a pretty, half-dressed monster-vampire girl. With love we’ll find a way just give it time.

8) I Get Weak – Belinda Carlise. America’s sweetheart and former Go Go’s front girl, Belinda was sometimes fat, sometimes high as a kite, always pretty and always in command of the wiggliest voice in pop music. That trademark wiggle is nowhere put to better use than on “I Get Weak.” She sounds like she’s like she’s about to cry. Poor thing. It makes me want to buy her some drugs.

Stay tuned for Part 3…
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