Total World Domination

Amy Dalness
1 min read
Bring it on, North Korea.
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I played my first-ever game of Risk on New Year’s Eve–and I would have won, too, if my "ally" hadn’t attacked Western Europe in a futile attempt to break my county. Silly fool. My defeat came hand-in-hand with my revenge against him. While I took over South America, his real ally rocked my socks off in Europe. What a damn fine way to ring in 2007.

Playing Risk really makes one think about the state of world hostility. How much easier would international relations be if wars could be decided with the roll of a few dice? We humans just aren’t that simple, and I’m sure the U.N. wouldn’t sanction random dominion control. But they should still consider Risk a viable tool for information/strategy extraction. You really see who your true allies are when the dice hit the board.
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