Touchy Feely

Steven Robert Allen
1 min read
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In its Saturday, Dec. 17, issue, the Albuquerque Journal ran a disturbing front-page article with an accompanying photo that was even more disturbing. Apparently, Gov. Richardson is a touchy feely kind of guy and this aspect of his personality gets on Lieutenant Gov. Diane Denish's nerves.

In the article, she claims Richardson often pokes and prods her at public events when he's bored. The photo accompanying the article almost makes it look as if Richardson is touching her inappropriately. Denish, however, insists that this has never been the case. After the article ran, she claimed the Journal took her comments out of context. She says she has a great relationship with the governor, and called the Journal article a “nonstory.”

Still, yikes. The damage has been done. Will this bizarre episode come up during next year's gubernatorial race? Of course. If the governor enters the Democratic primary during the 2008 presidential race, will this come up again. Undoubtedly. Is the conservative Journal attempting to embarrass our Democratic guv? Probably.

I sometimes get the feeling that the 2008 race has already started.

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