Track Marks (Bonus Editon) Bard To Death

Fortune Brings In Some Trains That Are Not Steered.

Patricia Sauthoff
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Track Marks (Bonus Editon) Bard To Death
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I’ve decided that Tuesdays are going to be train-blog day (because really, there’s only so much about my commute that’s entertaining).

However, today is a special day. It’s the day that the
Associated Press (via my friends at KOB TV) announced the Rail Runner’s summer “Shakespeare on the Rail” series. Yes friends, your Saturday travel plans just got a lot more interesting.

“Hooray!” you’re probably thinking to yourself right now. “But how do I take part in this fantastic theatrical event?”

Easy. Just hop aboard the train. Performances – which are put on by
UNM’s Department of Theatre Education and Outreach – are scheduled every Saturday, beginning in June on the Northbound train from Downtown Albuquerque (departs 2:38 p.m.) to Santa Fe Depot (arrives 4:10 p.m.) or Southbound from Santa Fe Depot (departs 4:32 p.m.) to Los Ranchos/JC (arrives 5:51 p.m.).

Performances will be held in the car right behind the locomotive, so make sure to hop the right car! Oh yeah, and it’s free with the cost of a train ticket.

We’ll be sure to catch a performance on this moving version of the Globe and fill you in asap!

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