Trashtastic—With Update!

Huge, Stinky Piles Of Garbage In Alleys Today

Summer Olsson
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TrashtasticÑWith Update!
Between Fourth and Fifth
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WTF Albuquerque?

Walking to work today, I noticed a pile of trash outside of its dumpster. Then another, and another. Most of the errant piles o’ crap were in the alley that runs East/West between Central and Gold. But the mother load, the oops-the-garbage-truck-malfunctioned-and-dumped-contents-everywhere cake-taker, is behind our office, in the alley I like to affectionately refer to as Kimo Way.

The smell is like, well, like a waist-high pile of garbage that’s out of its plastic bags and lying in the June sun.

What is going on here?! Who did this? HOW? And, who is going to clean it up?


We now have an answer to at least one of these pressing questions. Two intrepid workers from the city are shoveling up the mess right now. Thanks to these two nameless heroes who apparently drew the short straws in today’s messy event.

Huge Pile of Garbage

Monday, June 13, 9 a.m. to whenever it gets cleaned up

Kimo Way

Behind 413 Central NW

TrashtasticÑWith Update!

Between Fifth and Sixth

TrashtasticÑWith Update!

Between Sixth and Seventh

TrashtasticÑWith Update!

The alley behind the Alibi

TrashtasticÑWith Update!

Thank you, city employee, for helping us out in the alley

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