Tree For Free

Christie Chisholm
1 min read
Trees. Only ours will have leaves.
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We may be on a clean air streak.

This Saturday, March 17, the city is going to give away 5,000 tree seedlings to the public (first-come, first-served). Yep, they’re just giving ’em away. For free. Free trees.

Come to Tiguex Park (corner of Mountain and 19th Street) between 10 a.m. and noon for an Austrian or Afghan pine, New Mexico Olive, Desert Willow, or Lacebark Elm.

Oh, and at 11 a.m. there’ll be a special "Millionth Tree Planting Ceremony" (I assume this is the one-millionth tree planted by the city, or something like that), where Mayor Martin Chavez will help plant a 14-foot Sequoia. If that sort of thing interests you, you should stop by. Or at least roll up later to check out the pretty new foliage.

According to the press release, if you want to volunteer or get involved in the city’s tree-planting efforts, call Tree New Mexico at (505) 265-4554 or e-mail
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