Trim Some Fat

Marisa Demarco
1 min read
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From Steve’s dweeby Albuquerque trivia site (see below):

Q: How much was UNM tuition in the early 1900s?

A: Tuition was free, but the university assessed a $3 matriculation fee to support the library.

From the front page of yesterday's Daily Lobo:

“Tuition and fees will increase by at least 5.3 percent next year, said Curt Porter … that would bring tuition and fees from $3,361 per full-time resident student to $4,109.”


OK. I know stuff can’t stay free. But after years of intense tuition hikes at UNM, I say it’s time for the administration to start looking elsewhere for sutures on the wounds of its bleeding budget. Our fine university leaks money.

The faculty and instructors are seriously underpaid. The library gets fewer books and publication subscriptions every year. But perhaps it’s time to trim the fat instead of seeking more dough. Overpaid administrators anyone? Irrelevant programs? Functions doubled and paid for twice?

Fat, fat, fat. Go on a diet, UNM.

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