Twenty-Five Years Of Farm Aid And Still Growing

Diego E. Montoya
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Twenty-Five Years of Farm Aid and Still Growing
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This year marked the 25 th annual Farm Aid concert and founding members were on hand to show their support once again. On Oct. 2, Willie Nelson, Neil Young, John Mellencamp and the newest board member, Dave Matthews—who has been with Farm Aid for nine years—were all in attendance. Alongside numerous other bands, the headliners kept the music and message of prosperity going throughout the day. Since 1985 over $37 million dollars has been raised and given to families to keep them farming. This year the concert was held in Wisconsin. With over 97 percent family-owned farms, the Dairy State teems with small farms. Aside from showcasing great music, the concert aims to raise awareness about U.S. farming policy and the plight of the small farmer. It seems the little program Willie and his friends started in the ’80s has more than accomplished its mission and will continue to speak up for the the little guy across the country.

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