Twenty Things That Build A Child’s Character

Nick Brown
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Twenty Things That Build A ChildÕs Character
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1) Snuggie (aka Tight Panty, Melvin, Wedgie). Victim’s underpants are forcefully pulled up his butt crack. Some scholars maintain that the Melvin entails underpants pulled from the front.

2) Indian Rope Burn. The skin of victim’s forearm is “burned” with a forceful wrenching motion.

3) Cherry Belly. Victim’s bare belly is slapped until it is red.

4) Do you like see food? Victim is made to look at chewed up food.

5) Swirlie. Victim’s head is forced into a toilet bowl, and then toilet is flushed.

6) Criss Cross Applesauce, now smell your hand. Victim’s palm is forced into his nose while attempting to smell his hand.

7) Where do you want your swimming pool? Victim’s palm is spit in after he indicates the location of his swimming pool on the vast imaginary estate of his hand.

8) Flat tire. Victim’s shoe is intentionally scraped off his heel by the bully behind him.

9) Tittie Twister (aka Purple Nurple). Victim’s nipple is forcibly twisted.

10) Got your nose. Victim’s nose is painfully gotten.

11) It’s about time, it’s about space, it’s about time I slapped your face. Victim’s face is slapped upon conclusion of the rhyme.

12) Wet Willy. A wet finger is forcibly inserted into the victim’s ear canal.

13) Toby. Victim is slapped by a licked hand.

14) Noogies. Victim’s scalp and hair are painfully rubbed by the first and second knuckles of a fist.

15) Do you want a piggy back? Victim’s back is painfully slapped to an accompanying chant of “Sooo-weeee, sooo-weeeee!”

16) Tuesday is Toesday. Victim’s toes are painfully stomped upon after being informed of the day.

17) Have you ever kissed a bunny on his nose? Victim is invited to kiss the crotch of a bully after the bully has turned out the pockets of his jeans.

18) Borno Jorno Land. Victim’s ears are violently rubbed until they are red and raw.

19) Monkey Bubble. A painful lump is raised on victim’s forearm with a sharp one-knuckled blow.

20) Think Fast. An object is thrown at the victim’s face without adequate warning.

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