Twitter Hater Manifesto

Jerry Cornelius
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Twitter Hater Manifesto
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While we here at have indeed decided to participate in the Twittering of the World, the crabby old man in me is aghast that an arbitrary 140-character limit on text posts is somehow considered revolutionary. Is Twitter not merely a cutely-branded repackaging of tools and technologies that have been around since the beginning of the Internet? (Hell, I was even saying that about the World Wide Web back in 1994.)

Well, codgers and kiddies and Tweeters and Twaters alike should check out
Alexander Zaitchik’s marvelous rant about Twitter posted on AlterNet today, if only to appreciate his passionate invective (e.g., ‘How can you not hate a site that encourages people to post, "At the park — I love squirrels!" and "F@*K! I forgot to tivo Lost last night." How can you not want to slap these people with a mackerel?’). Cracks me up!
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