Twitterless, Qwitterless, Twitterlessless

Jerry Cornelius
1 min read
Twitterless, Qwitterless, Twitterlessless
Don’t cry, little Qwitter elf.
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Qwitter, the “service” that emails you when someone unfollows you on Twitter, has been raising eyebrows and ire since its inception last year. Now it no longer seems to function, but its cute website is still up. A similar service, Twitterless, is also retooling and not currently taking new sign-ups. According to a heady little post on the “media art” site Neural, these unauthorized add-ons reveal the “Darwinian” side of social networking: “Intentionally or not, it provides a sharp commentary of the attention economy in the age of web 2.0: if everybody can communicate, everybody is in perpetual competition.” Maybe the Twaters are right.
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