Unboring News 3/8/07

A Plan To Leave Iraq

Marisa Demarco
1 min read
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Well, hopefully, anyway. Here’s the goal: I’m going to tell you about this important, long-winded article very quickly. You only need about 30 seconds to get the gist.

The Dems are calling for troops to be out of Iraq by Fall 2008

They did it by attaching a bunch of conditions to Bush’s request for more war money.

The conditions also say if Iraqis aren’t doing their part, we’ll pull out at the end of 2007 instead.

It’s a big F-U from Congress to our president.

Republicans should vote for it because it includes more cash for health care for vets and returning troops, which makes for good future campaign ads.

The bill puts more money into the war in Afghanistan, where the Dems are saying the terrorists really are.

Actually, the measure doles out more money than Bush was even requesting in the first place.

It’s the first time anyone ever officially came up with a plan to leave Iraq.

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