Vanilla Ice

Sb 1070, Immigrants’ Rights, Ethnic Studies, Boycotts, A Tale Of Two States

Marisa Demarco
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Vanilla ICE
A man takes a break from mopping to throw a peace sign to passing protesters in Santa Fe on May 1. (Amy Dalness)
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Cuba says Arizona’s SB 1070 is “racist and xenophobic.”

Obama read the law.

As New Mexico gets sucked into the storm brewing just West of us, former Republican congresswoman
Heather Wilson jumps into the CYFD fray.

And if you didn’t catch it, the
Alibi wrote about what it’s like in the AZ right now.

How New Mexico and Arizona diverged in history. And a list of who’s boycotting our neighboring state so far.

Not Albuquerque. The boycott measure in our City Council failed on a 5-4 vote. Reporter Carolyn Carlson said the
Council meeting Monday was intense. Hundreds showed up to speak out against Mayor Berry’s ICE agreement, and the Council also debated rescinding it. You can watch a full video of the meeting here.

ICE, ICE Berry.

Assistant Professor Michael L. Trujillo works in Chicano Studies and American Studies at UNM. He penned
his take on the law banning classes that promote “racial resentment” from Arizona public schools.

Local author Demetria Martinez wrote about the
presence of the religion in the immigrants’ rights movement.
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