Vote Today! Albuquerque School Bond Election

Laura Marrich
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Vote Today! Albuquerque School Bond Election
Jefferson Middle School, my alma mater
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Today’s the day to vote on the February 2010 Mill Levy / School Bond Election. If you vote “yes,” you’ll be approving $617 million for APS, “most of which will be going directly to brick & mortar construction/design,” says the school district. “The remainder will be used to upgrade instructional technology.” APS maintains 143 schools. If it’s approved, property taxes will hold steady at their current rates. So, no tax increase.

“It will make an enormous difference in schools throughout the city,” wrote APS music teacher Robb Janov in an e-mailed entreaty. “Proposed construction for my school, Jefferson Middle School, includes a new track, a parent/student drop-off road (to alleviate the chaos before and after school) and … $2.3 million dollars to renovate and expand facilities for our thriving music department!”

Janov’s voting. What about you?

• For project lists, fact sheets and other specifics of this bond, visit

• Look up your polling location here:

• Polls are open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. today.

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