Wal-Mart, Why Must You Let Me Down?

Marisa Demarco
1 min read
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Yes, my feelings have been hurt by the ruthless überchain once again. I didn’t see it coming.

On its second day of distributing emergency contraception–March 21–an Albuquerque woman ran into some trouble. Here’s what the NARAL Pro-Choice New Mexico news release says:

She tried to get her prescription filled and was told the store was out of stock. The pharmacist said he would call her back later, and took her prescription. She waited, then returned to the store. The guy said he’d call another location. The pharmacist at the other Wal-mart said it was in stock but refused to fill it.

Note, folks, that that’s a pharmacist’s right: To refuse to do his or her job because it conflicts with personal beliefs. (Never mind the doctor who already made the call that it is OK for someone to have a prescription for this pill.)

Remember, too, that with emergency contraception, the clock is ticking. The earlier it’s taken, the more effective it is.

So, Wal-mart, Plan B is available, but somehow not dispensed? Tricky, tricky.

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