Wall Street Journal Gets Wind Of Gertrude Zachary’s Castle

Marisa Demarco
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Wall Street Journal gets wind of Gertrude ZacharyÕs castle
A turret on the Camelot’s skid row. ( joiseyshowaa )
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“Turret” is not a word I see often, but it’s totally appropriate when you’re writing about Gertrude Zachary’s home. I’ve driven past it so many times, I almost don’t notice it anymore, but Downtown Albuquerque boasts a gray and blue palace owned by the local jewelry magnate.

The article offers detailed descriptions of the building’s interior. I’ve always wondered what was in there. (Hot garage-decorating tip: Think, “stained glass.”)

Writer Julia Flynn Siler opens the
WSJ piece by saying the mansion is stands “over a barren industrial neighborhood locals call skid row.” I’ve never heard that area called skid row, and I’ve lived near it for more than a decade. Though train tracks run through it, I’m not quite sure “industrial” fits either.

Still, I get what Siler’s driving at—it’s a strange place for a palace. Albuquerque is, overall, a weird locale for anything sporting turrets. But what is this town if not a little odd? Sometimes all the disparate elements are the unifying factor in Burque. So it kind of works, too.
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