Warren G. Vs. Warren G

Laura Marrich
1 min read
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By now, you’ve probably heard John McLaughlin’s crazy pronouncement that if Barack Obama were to win, he wouldn’t be the first black President of the United States. No, that honor goes to Warren G. Harding, the 29 th prez who served from 1921-1923 (his term was cut short by a fatal heart attack), who was, in McLaughlin’s words, "a negro."

What … you haven’t? Don’t bother sitting through an episode of "The McLaughlin Group"—which is veering dangerously close to becoming "The Lawrence Welk Show" of political commentary—when you can watch the snappy "Colbert Report" recap right here. Then watch the
real Warren G "Regulate". (Little-known fact: Warren G’s step-brother is Dr. Dre. Thank you, Wikipedia.)
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