Was It Lebron’s Elbow?

Kinda Like A Big Deal

Michael Sanchez
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Was it LeBronÕs Elbow?
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The biggest story of the sports week is the disappointing and completely unexpected performance of a once-thought-of-as-invincible juggernaut. Nope, not Shane Mosley— plenty of doubters called out an accurate prediction of the fight before it went down, and almost everyone seemed to be able to look back in hindsight and say they saw it coming. On the other hand, the utter and complete collapse of the Cleveland Cavaliers against the Boston Celtics on Monday night was a genuine shock to the system.

Although plenty of prognosticators called for an extended series, the consensus was the Cavs would be the team doing the pushing, and they’d be the ones who ultimately were going to lose some games, (as opposed to the Celtics winning a handful). The root of the debacle is anyone’s guess. (Except for the theories about LeBron James’ elbow. I just can’t believe that it’s giving him that much trouble.)

The various things being blamed, in no particular order: LeBron’s MVP ceremony, the Cavs feeling entitled to win the game, LeBron sleeping through the first half, the disappearance of Mo Williams or, interestingly enough, the fact that the Celtics are only two years removed from winning a championship and play a brand of playoff basketball that not many other teams have historically been able to match, much less this season, this Cavaliers team.

For anyone who’s truly shocked, though, have no fear: The Celtics have been beyond atrocious at home this year (where they were previously nigh indestructible) and are almost assured to take a split at the Garden—worst-case scenario for Boston fans.
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