Waxing Poetic About Reunions Of The Mindy Set And Chinese Love Beads

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Waxing poetic about reunions of The Mindy Set and Chinese Love Beads
The Mindy Set (The Mindy Set)
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Music writer Captain America won’t be at the reunions of two of his favorite bands, but there’s no reason y’all should miss out. The Mindy Set reunite this evening at Low Spirits and Chinese Love Beads will rock out tonight at Tricky Falls in El Paso. If you can’t make it to El Paso tonight, check out next week’s Alibi for info on the Beads’ Burque reunion show. Read all about in America’s Music to Your Ears. Low Spirits • The Mindy Set Reunion Show • Of God and Science • Sin Serenade • Jumpsuit • Fri Dec 28 • 9 pm • $7 • 21+ • lowspiritslive.com
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